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MAKE OVER Cosmetics, the breakthrough and trusted professional cosmetics that fulfills all makeup needs for all human diversity. We provide wide range of product varieties and colors that have been proven to be makeup artist's top choice for daily use to stage and commercial makeup (fashion runway, beauty pageant, TV shows, magazine photoshoot, music concert, etc.).

MAKE OVER products are superior (made from quality proven raw materials from all around the world and are processed carefully to result in premium makeup products), harmless (produced in GMP factory and is certified halal by BPOM), and born-to-be the perfect match (possess important characteristic that our customers unconsciously need from makeup products).

As time goes by, MAKE OVER has successfully penetrated the makeup habits of more and more new makeup users, makeup junkies, and professional makeup artist, giving them never-to-be-forgotten beauty experience thus end in unstoppable addiction.